Here are a small selection of kind words we receive during conversations, emails, text messages from our participants. 

"I’m so blown away by this! This is incredible! Thank you for coordinating this! It’s a big movement but if all streams of society better understood (participant) those societal barriers will slowly ebb away”

"It was really nice to meet you yesterday, I felt that you were very well prepared for our meeting and I was really impressed with the fact that I didn’t need to tell you too much information as you had done your research.   I’m forever grateful to you for taking us on even though you are at your capacity - I appreciate your kindness more than words can say.  - Feedback from one of our participants family members.

" Highly recommend Wellspace! Very experienced and will go above and beyond. The team are all really down to earth and extremely passionate!! "

" Dedicated, compassionate and absolutely ethical, Wellspace is a breath of fresh air in a sector that can sometimes be confusing and difficult to negotiate "

Green Plant


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