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Dedicated  |  Passionate  |  Experienced

We have a highly experienced team of over 70 Support Coordinators and Recovery Coaches across Australia,. We have a friendly, professional and dedicated Leadership Team with bios below.

For more information on our team's skills and experience please get in touch with us.

Alex started working with people with a disability and mental health 18 years ago, supporting participants with a range of needs including working in the Intensive Behaviour Support Program. Alex worked for several years in Juvenile Detention Centres as a Youth Officer, and Drug Detection Security and Intelligence Officer. 

For the last 7 years, Alex has managed a large team of Support Coordinators and has been supporting participants in the NDIS since the roll out 7 years ago. Prior to this Alex was a caseworker and then Team Leader of the Intensive Family Support (IFSO) Program and Stay Connected program. Alex started Wellspace Australia with the intention to put “quality” as the key driving point. She listened to what NDIS participants had been requesting and decided to turn that dream into a reality. Alex has studied Positive Psychology, and continues to study self-development courses as she believes it's vital to always continue to grow and learn.

Alex is down to earth, caring and will go above and beyond for her participants and team.


Caring, positive and has a great sense of humour.



Snowboarding, netball, travelling, camping, animals and her 2 beautiful dogs. 

Fun fact

Alex is qualified in energetic healing, coaching and laughter yoga.


Kara Oliver has a background in finance and has worked across various organisations within the Disability sector. She has extensive knowledge of the NDIS, management and the development and implementation of best practice and processes to ensure her team and participants achieve greatness. 


Kara is pragmatic, insightful, values building strong rapport, and has a great sense of humour.

Fun fact

Kara owns a blue surfboard and loves the beach!


Kara photo_edited.jpg

Charlotte has a long history working within the community services sector. She has been successful in leading organisations through the implementation and transition to the NDIS and continues to provide leadership to large teams associated with the Disability Sector. Charlotte excels at working through the challenges associated with supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds and is highly passionate about supporting people to meet their goals. Charlotte is committed to building positive relationships with people to provide leadership, direction, and support.


Charlotte is focused, highly knowledgeable, approachable, and caring. Charlotte provides leadership and vision to her team to assist in developing a workplace culture of best practice and open and transparent communication. She has a proven ability to cultivate strategic relationships with key stakeholders through the development of an innate understanding of the requirements outlined by the NDIS.


Charlotte has volunteered for several years in the community, providing community lunches and emergency relief. In her personal time, Charlotte enjoys Pilates and taking her dog to the beach.

Fun fact

Before coming to working in the community service sector, Charlotte owned a catering business for many years. She continues to hold a passion for food and can be found entertaining her friends most weekends!


Tanya has extensive knowledge and experience around the hospital systems, after
18 years of working as a nurse. Tanya has worked within most areas of the hospital
while specialising in women and children’s health.

Tanya joined our team over 2 years ago and has built her knowledge and experience
around the NDIS and has now joined our leadership team and is now using her
knowledge and experience to support our Wellspace team.

Tanya is confident, caring, approachable and has a great work ethic.
Tanya has great leadership qualities and prides herself on communication and
working within a team environment. Tanya enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys her beautiful dog and watching her boys play football.

Profile picture 2_edited.jpg

Our Team's areas of expertise

Our Team is rich in expertise and experience and we have a great team of Support Coordinators, Specialist Support Coordinators and Psychosocial Recovery Coaches.


Our team members come with extensive knowledge and experience from a huge range of fields such as:

  • Mental Health

  • Complex Mental Health

  • Psychosocial Disabilities

  • Complex Medical Disabilities

  • STA

  • MTA


  • SDA

  • Child Protection

  • Justice

  • Juvenile Justice

  • and many, many more

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